Overview of Can Tho Vocational College

        [Eng] Can Tho Vocational College, formerly known as Phong Dinh Technical School, was established in 1964.  The school was later renamed Hau Giang Technical Worker School in 1975 and Can Tho Technical Worker School in 2004. On 15/02/2007 the school was finally named Can Tho Vocational College according to Decision No. 256 of the Minister of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs.  Since its foundation in 1964, Can Tho Vocational College has  had more than 55 years of development

         * Objectives

         Can Tho Vocational College is aiming at becoming a key high quality vocational school by 2030 with 5,000 learners enrolling in fourteen college-level vocational majors and eleven secondary-level vocational ones.

         Especially,  Can Tho Vocational College is also aiming at standardizing nine of the training majors to be in stature of ASEAN as well as developed countries in the world, according to the trend of standardization, modernization, socialization, and globalization. This meets the requirements of high quality human resources for the industrialization and modernization of the country

         Another objective is providing the school’s staff and teachers a favorable environment to develop their professional competence and intelligence for the training career as well as giving learners a convenient and modern learning environment, so they can be equipped with up-to-date knowledge and essential skills for their future success in life and work in socialist-oriented market economy.

         * Missions

         The main missions that Can Tho Vocational College has been conducting include training for high-quality technical workforce, improving training quality and efficiency, encouraging the research and implementation of technology in training and working, and providing a favorable learning environment in which learners can achieve professional technical skills, a healthy body and a sharp mind catering to their study, their work and socio-economic development. In addition, Can Tho Vocational College promotes technology transfer and supplies qualified  labor forces capable of participating in the competitive domestic and foreign labor market.

         * Vision

         The main vision is to build and develop the school into a key high quality vocational school with standardization, modernization, socialization, globalization, thus, recognized internationally.

         Can Tho Vocational College strives to become a university of technology and education, providing training programs at both university and college level by 2030. All training majors  will meet training standards recognized by ASEAN countries as well as advanced countries in the world. Can Tho Vocational College will become a training institution applying advanced technology into working practice, fully meeting training standards, consolidating reputation and brand name, fostering high-quality labor forces to cater to the industrialization and modernization of the country.

         Can Tho Vocational College’s slogan is  “Innovation – Efficiency – Development”

         The core values are built on the following  foundations:

+ Collective: the whole school staff and teachers unite and unify to successfully complete all tasks

+ Competence: the whole school staff and teachers have got good expertise, appropriate methods, proficient skills and positive attitudes

+ Technology: the technology used is modern, updated and associated with industry

+ Tradition: the whole school staff and teachers have dedication, creativity, intelligence, enthusiasm and confidence.

         The mentioned factors form a framework that regulates the entire operation of the school in the present and in the future. Strategic goals and steps in the development process aim to preserve and raise those values to a new level.

         Can Tho Vocational College was approved by the Prime Minister as a key high quality vocational school according to Decision No. 761/QD-TTg on May 23, 2014. The school’s objective is to be one of the 40 high quality colleges eligible to provide a number of training majors recognized in ASEAN and internationally by 2025, meeting the demand of high quality human resources for the integration and socio-economic development of the country, contributing to the fundamental and comprehensive renovation of vocational education in Vietnam.

         Can Tho Vocational College currently has 07 departments, 08 faculties, 01 division and 02 centers with a total of 120 members, including 91 teachers. The percentage of employees with postgraduate degree is 75% .

         The total number of learners pursuing a diploma at Can Tho Vocational College is about 4,000 learners. Besides, Can Tho Vocational College has also cooperated with several universities such as Ho Chi Minh University of  Technology and Education,  Nha Trang University, Vinh Long university of  Technology and Education to provide training programs for college graduates who want to pursue further training for university degrees as well as with  Polytechnic College of Engineering and Technology to offer formal training at both college and professional  secondary levels.

         Currently, CTV has got 14 training programs at college level and 11 programs at professional secondary level including Information Technology, Computer repair and installation technique, Computer network administration, Office informatics , Metal cutting , Welding, Mechatronics, Household electronics, Industrial electronics, Industrial electrics, Air-condition and climate technology,  Refrigeration equipment operation and repair, Automobile production engineering , Constructional engineering, Fashion apparel, Corporate accounting

         According to Decision No. 1769 2019 of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, Can Tho Vocational College has been approved to deliver 8 key training programs in the 2016-2020 period and oriented to deliver 5 international trainning programs in 2025 including Automobile production engineering, Information Technology, Computer network administration, Industrial electronics, Industrial electrics in addition to 3 ASEAN regional training programs as Metal Cutting, Mechatronics, Air-condition and climate technology

         Every year, the percentage of graduates who find a job in the right profession and are highly appreciated by enterprises is over 90%, contributing to improving the quality of labor resources and the rate of trained employees in Can Tho city and the whole country.

         The school has had a number of important regional and  international cooperation programs:

         + Can Tho Vocational College has been one of 18 schools participating in cooperation projects with the British Council on building and developing a quality assurance system for high quality schools.

         + Training course of English proficiency organized by The British Council for 20 lecturers and students

         + In 2018, Can Tho Vocational College was one of the four schools whose  training program in Automobile production engineering was selected for accreditation on the basis of the British Council’s Ofsted standards.

         + In 2017, Can Tho Vocational College was licensed to deliver 2 piloting training programs including computer network administration and software application  in partnership with Chisholm Academy (Australia)

         + Can Tho Vocational College has aslo signed a cooperation agreement with ARS Company and Kunjang University (Korea) in training and creating jobs after graduation for learners in Metal Cutting. The units have agreed on the training program and duration with 2 years of training at Can Tho Vocational College and 1 year at Kunjang. ARS Company sponsors tuition fees and living expenses while learners are studying at Kunjang School, and makes a commitment to job offer for learners in Korea after their graduation. Learners have chances to work again for ARS Company for 5 years.

         + In 2019, the school was recognized to be eligible to deliver an international training program transferred from Germany in Automobile production engineering. Graduates of this program are awarded two diplomas (a Vietnamese college diploma and an international vocational doploma). Graduates are internationally recognized to have professional skills and can enter the domestic, ASEAN and international labor markets, or can pursue further education in Germany or other developed countries.

         In terms of facilities, Can Tho Vocational College  has received much  attention and great investments into the school’s infrastructure and facilities from the People’s Committee of Can Tho City , the Ministry of Labor and War Invalids and Social Affairs; meeting the requirements of trainning   about 5000 learners

         Can Tho Vocational College has actively cooperated with businesses in training and providing job aids.  Until now Can Tho Vocational College  has signed cooperation agreements with 48 businesses including large enterprises such as Toyota Ninh Kieu Company Limited; Hyundai Tay Nam Company; Daikin Group, Tay Nam Refrigeration Electrical Mechanical Trading Company; Tay Do Steel Company; Vietnam – Korea Technology Incubator, Tan Phat Company, Tay Do Garment Company and so on.